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storeWALL Garage Organization

storeWALL Panels
storeWALL offers a complete line of wall panels, installation acessories and large assortment of hooks, baskets, shelves and several specialty products featuring their patented CamLok which locks accessories on to the panel to keep them from falling and moving.

storeWALL offers their panels in two design and price points.  storeWALL HeavyDuty and storeWALL Standard Duty. Here's a summary of those product features.

storeWALL panels are extremely strong, versatile and a beautiful storage panel for very demanding applications. storeWALL panels are significantly stronger and more substantial than conventional MDF slatwall panels, they are waterproof, recyclable and easily cleaned.

All storeWALL panels have a patented profile, designed to accept the exclusive InstallStrip (sold separately) for easy installation and a beautiful fastener free appearance. storeWALL panels panels are molded, solid core, so the color and finish goes throughout the panel. storeWALL panels carry a 10 year manufacturer Warranty.

storeWALL panels are sold in 4ft lengths individually or 4ft. cartons of 4 panels and 8ft. cartons of 4 panels. storeWALL HeavyDuty Panels are available in your choice of 7 designer colors and wood grains. Each HeavyDuty panel is 15 inches in height.  storeWALL Standard Duty panels are available in 7 colors (including Camouflage!) and are 12 inches in height.

storeWALL is easy to install.  You can use the standard "Screw through the Slot" method with our storeWALL color-keyed screws or for a cleaner look with no visible fasteners, use storeWALL InstallStrips which are sold separately and use your #6 screws. Each 4′ panel uses 1 InstallStrip. Each 8ft panel uses (2) InstallStrips. Be sure to order the proper InstallStrips:for Standard Duty or HeavyDuty as they are different. Using the storeWALL color keyed screws, you will use approximately 20 screws per 4ft. panel.  Look at the "Categories" listing below for the "Installation Products" section for more information.

Graphite Steel and Bronze finishes are a unique metallic surface treatment, very similar to that found on an automobile. The substructure is solid PVC as are all storeWALL wall panels. Please note the metallic effect is only on the surface and if gouged deep enough, just like an automobile, the gouge may show. Thus we encourage reasonable care and handling be exercised when choosing our Graphite Steel or Bronze.

Rustic Cedar, Global Pine and Barnwood finishes are intended to simulate real wood; and like real wood there might be some variation in grain and tint from panel to panel.

8ft cartons ship via LTL Motor Freight and therefore have a minimum order quantity of (3) cartons
4ft cartons and individual panel shipments ship FedEx/UPS Ground.

There are no shipping charges for storeWALL panel shipments, ever!