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Every great product, idea or service usually begins with a pivotal moment when the inventor thinks "There has to be a better way.." or "How can I do this..", etc.   My day came in September 2003 when I walked into my garage, surveyed the mess I had on my hands and decided something had to be done.   This was that day...



I went down to my local Home Depot and Lowes and realized I was about to add yet another storage solution that wouldn't really help my situation and certainly wouldn't help it look any better.  Then I hit the Internet looking for ideas and found lots of new and unique items.  The only problem was they were scattered all over and some were quite difficult to find.  Whatever any says when the big idea hit's them in head...EUREKA!  Great Scott! (insert your own here)...   The idea for The Garage Store was born.  One place to go and find not only items to help bring some order to garage organization, but also make it really look like great!  Some speciallty tools, furniture and gift ideas for people who do more with their garage other than park a car in it at night, or at least someone who would like to park their car in it, but can't because they don't have enough room!

Our goal with The Garage Store is quite simple.  Provide a great shopping experience to bring together a great collection of high-quality products at competitive prices and never forget your satisfaction with our products is the #1 priority. 

Thank you for visiting our store,

Charlie & Denise Compton