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15 inch Shelf Bracket for storeWALL Slatwall Storage

Price: $32.45

(Out of Stock)

The 15 inch storeWALL Shelf Bracket can be used with your own material or can be used in pairs to support hanging items. Each bracket comes with our exclusive BracketPacket, which contains non-slip discs and shelf clips to secure the shelf to the bracket.

Click this link for BracketPacket instructions.

Exclusive TriArm™ design provides excellent load capacity. Dimensions: 2.0 in. across, 15.0 in. from the wall, 10.0 in. height. Maximum recommended weight capacity 150 lbs. per bracket on storeWALL wall panels installed with InstallStrips for maximum capacity.

Non storeWALL panel users note: storeWALL brand panel accessories will work with any Slatwall - slot wall system with a standard 3/8 inch high slot and 3 in. on-center slots.. Some panel mfrs. may have variations in slot depth or may use a metal insert in the slot which may prohibit the CamLok from engaging. The CamLok is easily removed by disengaging a c-clip on the back of the accessory.

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