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HandiWall Slatwall 82 inch Handi Rail & Deluxe Storage Kit

Price: $264.90

Have a smaller space you'd like to organize and don't need an entire case of panels?  Take a look at HandiWall's Handi Tool Strips.  Handi Tool Strips standard Slatwall slots/spacing work with any of our accessories and is available in 50in or 82in lengths. 

This combination includes everything shown including the installation screws, so you can get  started organizing with the 82in Handi Tool Strip Garment Kit and these accessories shown/outlined below.

1 HW-B HSB0312B 3″ x 12″ Basket
1 HW-B-HSB0812B 8″ x 12″ Basket
1 HW-B-HSB1218B 12″ x 18″ Basket
1 HW-H-HSH04DBWL 4” Double Hook
1 HW-H-HSH06JBWL 6″ J Hook
1 HW-H-HSH08LBWL 8″ Loop Hook
1 HW-H-HSH08DBWL 8″ Double Hook
2 HW-H-HSH04SH 4” Snap Hook

HandiWall is strong, durable, water and moisture resistant and easy to clean. Features a smooth satin finish and graining for wood colors provides a high-end aesthetic appeal. Scratch resistant with normal use, and color pigment is throughout making scratches easily repairable and less noticeable.

HandiWall Tool Rail is compatible with all HandiACCESSORIES™ and all standard Slatwall accessories using the 3in on center standard and an approximate slot width of 3/8 inch.

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