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Aluminum Tie Wrap Holder

Price: $74.90

Every garage - shop has a collection of Tie-Wraps somewhere which usually isn't convenient as they just don't store well on their own, particularly keeping up with multiple sizes or types.

This Aluminum Cable Tie Holder features (5) Aluminum tubes in multiple lengths to keep your Tie Wraps sorted by length and-or type.  Great holder for neating up and organizing. 

Need to mount it on Pegboard, storeWALL-HandiWALL-Slatwall, GearWall? Select the type of wall your going to be installing the dispenser on in the "Wall Type" dropdown  when adding to your cart and we'll include the correct Item Back Plate.  Default installation is fastening with a screw to a solid surface.

Dimensions:  6.5in. W x 14in. H

Natural Aluminum Finish 

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