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Locking Tall Square Basket for Slatwall storeWALL HandiWALL

Price: $55.90

This Locking Tall Square Basket is great for general bulk storage.  The 9in. height make's it a great solution for taller items and keeping light items in the basket and tumbling on to the floor. 

Dimensions:  15.0 inches wide x 14.0 inches deep x 9 inches high.

Will work with any Slatwall - slot wall system with a standard 3/8 inch high  slot and 3 in. on-center slots.  Some panel mfrs. may have variations in slot depth or may use a metal insert in the slot which may prohibit the turn-lock from engaging.  The turn-lock is easily removed by disengaging a c-clip on the back of the accessory.

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